In Advance...

Next Tuesday (three days), I leave for South America.

I have no idea what to expect, but for what I have learned through my cursory glance through the Lonely Planet pdf guide book chapters recently purchased.

I set out for Montevideo and Colonia after a few nights in Buenos Aires acclimatising to the new data. From there I will hike up through Uruguay, and across the border into Brazil, which currently represents the limit of my research at this point....

I expect old crumbling stone colonial towns, beautiful wild beaches, heat, sun and interesting adventures ahead.

I will live on €50 a day until my next paycheck, 1st of July 2015, which my darling employers have assured will not be delayed.

My Old College friend Duncan and his wife Tania are organising a "Pagan Party" on Ilha do Mel near Curitiba, (not solely for me you understand) for which they have extended a generous invitation, and that will put me in Brazil's (or the world's - not sure) "Greenest" city for the 27th of June.

Until then only God knows what I'll end up doing and seeing, but I'll surely have a few stories and pictures to fill these pages.

Hasta Luego.