Sao Paolo, Brazil

I have arrived at Gaurulhos International. The sun shines outside, The planes move in their hundreds throughout the day, probably thousands, pushed an pulled across the tarmac, departing, arriving. I have a 'layover' I think the yanks call it that, of five hours, and I'm two hours in.

But its not unpleasant. I'm checked in all the way through, and the chaos and intensity of the European airports is not to be found here, though admittedly, it is early in the morning. In the distance can be seen the skeletons of new infrastructure rising. Interior improvements go on just behind where I sit, there are power sources for electronic devices at every seat.

I am coccooned in the safety of my three stop flight to Neuquen Argentina, from London Heathrow.
TAM airlines are good, and if I'm not mistaken, a partner of SwissAir. The thirteen hour flight across the Atlantic passed as I slept and watched "Let's be Cops", which I enjoyed very much, it has to be said, as I sipped my Irish single malt (purchased in Shannon Airport).